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Amalia Bestry | Dietitian


Infant Nutrition, Growth Faltering, Fussy Eating, Gastro-Intestinal Concerns, Constipation, Iron Deficiency, Food Allergies & Intolerances, Healthy Weight Management,  & More. 

Amalia is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with extensive experience as a clinical dietitian, with a focus on paediatric dietetics for the past 5 years. She also has experience working with people with disabilities. She loves working collaboratively with children and their families to meet their nutrition and feeding goals. She has a particular interest in infant and toddler nutrition, feeding difficulties, growth faltering, and weight management. 


Alanna Curtis | Provisional Psychologist

Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Phobias, School Struggles, Peer Relational Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Supportive Counselling & More. 


Alanna is a gentle and playful clinician dedicated to working sensitively and thoughtfully with young people and their families. She aims to work holistically, drawing from a variety of therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, DBT and play-based therapy. She deeply values the individuality of her clients and works collaboratively to ensure focus on her client’s own goals. Alanna spends lots of time getting to know the young people she works with, in order to follow their lead and support them, to make the changes that are most meaningful to them and their families.


Gabriella Petta | Registered Psychologist

Attachment, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Trauma, Abuse, Childhood Difficulties, Parenting Challenges, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss & More.


Gabbie is warm, caring and welcoming. She utilises a strengths-based perspective to support her clients find their best way forward. She engages younger children with play therapy.

Gabbie utilises evidence-based strategies to support her clients find their way through life’s difficulties to ultimately enjoy deeper, more satisfying relationships and greater wellbeing.

Gabbie has worked extensively with children, adolescents, parents and families in a variety of government and private settings including schools, foster and residential care, adoption services, court diversion programmes, sexual abuse support services, substance misuse and addiction treatment, women’s health, and parenting support.

She is also able to conduct psychometric and behaviour assessments as part of understanding children’s learning needs and behavioural presentation within the school setting.


Zoe Massey | Occupational Therapist

Fine & Motor Skills, Self Regulation, Sensory Difficulties, Self-Care, Organisation, Visual Perception, Cognition & Learning & More!

Zoe is an OT with over 10 years of experience working with children. Prior to this, she has worked as an OT with both adult and paediatric clients in acute hospital settings. She has experience working with children with a range of diagnoses and abilities. Zoe enjoys working with children from infants, primary school-aged children and adolescents; providing assessments, individualised interventions and goal setting. She is passionate about working with children and their families to assist in optimising participation at school, with peers, at home and in the community.


New Staff Member  | Occupational Therapist

Fine & Motor Skills, Self Regulation, Sensory Difficulties, Self-Care, Organisation, Visual Perception, Cognition & Learning & More!




Michelle O'Donnell | Speech Pathologist


Kindergarten screening assessments, diagnostic assessment, auditory processing, language, therapy groups, parent training, early literacy. 

Michelle is a speech pathologist with 30 years of experience working with children and their families, teachers and schools. She has specific interests in early literacy, language, auditory processing, assessments to support funding for schools and early identification, referral and intervention for children through kindergarten screening. Her therapy revolves around play and fun, with an emphasis on helping children to feel comfortable in experimenting and attempting things they find difficult. She has worked extensively in the early school years and consults to several school bodies and organizations. Michelle is a clinical educator at ECU and supports students as they develop their clinical skills, as well as providing lectures and professional development to universities and schools.


Alex Grant | Speech Pathologist


Feeding, Language, Delayed Speech, Stuttering, Literacy, Articulation & Sound Difficulties, Fluency, Parental Education & More!

Alex is an accredited speech pathologist who has experience working with children in a school environment. He enjoys building working relationships with clients, families, teachers, and other health professionals and thrives on seeing positive change during therapy. Alex has specific interests in literacy, language, speech sounds, and feeding, and is committed to always providing evidence-based, fun therapy.


Renee Yukick| Speech Pathologist


Understanding Spoken Language, Executive Function, Key Word Sign, Autism Friendly Therapy, Pre-Diagnostic Therapy & More!

Renee is a certified and practicing Speech Pathologist with an extensive background in working with children with Autism and disability. Renee enjoys supporting families across assessment and intervention as well as working with those around the child to support success in their environment. Renee's interests are speech sound and language development, voice and alternative communication. Renee also loves supporting the development and generalisation of skills in a group therapy environment. 



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