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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

All new referrals and appointment requests are made via our website referral link. Please complete the new patient details form and attach a GP referral letter with your submission. Once your referral has been reviewed our admin staff will contact you with further details.


Existing Patients who are undergoing active care will have follow-up appointments made with our reception team.


Please note new referrals and new patient requests/appointments cannot be made over the phone. 

Can I just drop in to see a doctor?

No. We are an appointment-only service with a GP referral required to see any of the Paediatricians. We are not able to facilitate any walk-ins, emergencies or last minute requests. We will refer you to your GP or local emergency services. 

Our allied health team can see you without a GP referral but appointments must be booked once the self-referral is complete on the website.

How long are the appointments?


Initial consults will be between 45 - 60 minutes. Specific aspects of an ASD assessment can be as long as 2 hours. Subsequent appointments may be shorter. Please check with our team when your appointment is booked. 

Do you provide general paediatric services such as baby checks?

Yes. We provide general paediatric services along with a variety of specific diagnosis clinics. Dr Gareth specifically have a 6-Week Baby Check clinic, so make sure to book these in advance.

Do you provide childhood vaccinations?

No, we do not currently provide this service. We do however encourage that all families immunise their children. 

Can I self-refer to the Dietetics and Nutrition Clinic?

Yes you can make an appointment with our Paediatric Dietitian without a GP referral letter. To make an appointment with our Dietitian please submit your request via the website referral link. This will enable our dietician to gather relevant information about your child's dietary concerns & needs. service. 

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