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Paediatricians PLUS Allied Health

Mission Statement

To provide integrated Paediatric and Allied Health care for children through a team approach. This will be achieved with a diverse balance of Paediatricians, Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologists and Dieticians.


A strong administration will be an essential part of the team.


Our team is passionate about providing a supportive caring environment from diagnosis to therapy all in one location. We value the importance and benefits of providing integrated Paediatric health care to assist our patients reach their full potential. 


Dr Gareth Kameron



We currently have three Senior Paediatricians who are able to take on new patients. Click here to get to know them. We are delighted to be announce that Dr Tomi Ibilola has joined our team! Dr Tomi Ibilola has experience in both Developmental and General Medical Paediatrics. 

Additional consultants will be coming on board late 2023.


We are always looking to grow the team, so if you are a paediatrician and would like more information click the link below. 

Allied Health

Our Allied Health Team and services are expanding! Paeds Plus provides integrated Paediatric Medical and Allied Health clinics in a team approach. Our Allied Health clinics includes Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology and Counselling, Dietetics and Nutrition. 

We are exciting to announcing the addition of a Speech Pathology Clinic to our Allied Health team. Paeds Plus is delighted to welcome Michelle O'Donnell as our lead Speech Pathologist. Michelle is a very senior, experienced speech pathologist, and has been working hard with our amazing speechie team, for the opening our Speech Pathology Services! Click here to find out more!

Our Senior Dietitian Jess is accepting new referrals. Check out more information about our Dietetics and Nutrition Clinic here

We are still looking for staff with an interest/experience in ADHD/ASD, constipation, FTT, obesity, babies and families.


Newborn Baby

Babies Clinic


ADHD & Autism

Girl at the Pediatrician

General Medical

Constipation Clinic


Dietetics & Nutrition Clinic


Unit 15/13 Hobsons Gate

Currambine WA 6028


Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm


Note Referrals accepted via WEBSITE LINK ONLY

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